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Skoda Timing Belt Replacement and Routine Skoda Service

Skoda Timing Belt

Skoda Timing belts (Skoda Cambelts) & Timing Chains control the Skoda engine valve cycle sequence to ensure correct fuel combustion timing and compression.

Unfortunately, an interference engine will allow pistons and valves to make contact if the timing sequence is not set correctly or if the timing belt snaps. If this happens pistons and valves will collide and significant damge will occur requiring an engine rebuild and replacing valves and possibly pistons.

Newcastle Upon Tyne Garage Services - Skoda

Ensure you replace your Skoda timing belt (cambelt) on or before the specified service interval to reduce the risk timing belt failure and engine damage to your Skoda .

Skoda Timing Belt Kits Fitting Newcastle Upon Tyne

The replacement parts needed for a Skoda timing belt service are usually supplied in "Kit" form to ensure all the supporting parts likely to fail between timing belt services (Roughly every 60,000 to 80,000 Miles) are replaced at once.

Depending on Skoda Model; Skoda OEM Timing Belt Replacement Kits usually contain:-

  • Skoda Belts
  • Skoda Idlers
  • Skoda Tensioner pulleys
  • Skoda Tensioner Springs
  • Skoda Cam Cover Gaskets

Skoda Parts - Water Pump - Fuel Injection Pump and Seals

Consider replacing the following Skoda Parts if they are driven by the timing belt:

  • Skoda water pump
  • Skoda camshaft
  • Skoda crankshaft oil seals
  • Skoda camshaftoil seal
  • Skoda crankshaft oil seal
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