Replacing Cambelt and Water Pump Together

We're not just for timing belts:-

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Water Pump & Cambelt Change

Cambelt and water pump replacement

Water Pump Failure

Belt driven water pumps usually fail in one of 2 ways:

  • The belt-Pulley bearing will fail
  • The Water pump gasket or seal will begin to leak

Drivebelt or Timing Belt Driven

Water pumps are usually belt driven by taking power from the timing belt (cambelt) or an auxilliary drive belt

OEM Water pumps and cambelts-drive belts should be changed on or before the recommended service intervals; as the cost of repairing a water pump failure can be quite expensive as well as inconvenient; it often makes sense to replace belts, bearings and pump during the same maintenance service

Water Pump and Cambelt Replacement

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